Introducing the Circuit Wizard Online Tool and App

Posted on: 4/22/2015 7:00:00 AM

Circuit Wizard is designed to help electricians and enthusiasts determine wire sizing for a given installation based upon specific parameters using ABYC specifications.

You no longer have to waste time referencing lengthy charts and calculating complicated formulas. Instead, simply provide some basic information such as circuit voltage, load current, length of conductor, allowable voltage drop, type of load and wire insulation temperature rating. During the entire process, the user interface provides helpful explanations that can help you complete the process accurately without having to reference external documentation. The Circuit Wizard instantly takes all these factors into consideration and immediately calculates which circuit components will help you meet ABYC standards.

In addition to the online version, a Circuit Wizard app is available for both Android™ devices and iOS devices.

Once a wire size is known you can then use that information to search for products offered in order to protect your circuit.