Terminals and Lugs

Ancor carries a complete line of marine grade wire terminals and connectors including nylon and heat shrink.
  • Ring Terminals

    Ring Terminals

    Nylon insulated and waterproof heat shrink terminals

  • Spade Terminals

    Spade Terminals

    Insulated and waterproof heat shrink spade terminals

  • Disconnects


    Barrel insulated and fully insulated disconnects

  • Butt Connectors

    Butt Connectors

    Nylon single and double crimp, vinyl insulated, heat shrink, step down and heavy duty butt connectors

  • Snap Plugs

    Snap Plugs

    Nylon, heat shrink and splash proof snap plugs

  • Specialty Connectors

    Specialty Connectors

    Splice connects, double male-female adapters, nylon multi-stack and 3-way connectors

  • Heavy Duty Lugs

    Heavy Duty Lugs

    Manufactured from heavy-duty annealed tinned copper for maximum current flow

  • Battery Terminals

    Battery Terminals

    Battery terminals, covers and clips

  • Kits


    Popular assortments of terminals and tools put together in a convenient carrying case

Online Catalog

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